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What you eat and your lifestyle can have a major impact on your life. Not only can eating healthy make you feel better and give you more energy – it can also help prevent a bunch of diseases.

Weight is an issue that many teens struggle with. Whether you are prone to emotional eating or you are experimenting with fad diets it is important to correct bad nutritional habits while you are still young.

It is also important to note that simply not eating, or eating less, is not the answer to your dietary issues. It is more about what kinds of food you put into your body, and whether or not you are following a healthy diet through with daily physical activity.

Tips to help you eat healthy!

Drink all of the water!

Drinking water instead of sugary drinks will help reduce the number of toxins you are putting into your body. Water also helps to prevent dehydration. As dehydration can cause bad skin, a lack of energy, head aches, and increase your appetite, 8 cups of water a day will improve your overall health exponentially!


Not everyone loves every kind of food, but luckily there are plenty of alternatives to pretty much everything to help you get all the nutrition you need. Spinach is crazy high in iron but you might hate it – grab a handful of dried apricots instead! (They have just as high of an iron level.) Whatever your taste, there is a way for you to get everything you need. Try different things and figure out what recipes and snacks work for you!

Don’t skip meals or graze during the day!

Your goal is to eat 3 well balanced meals a day with 1-2 snacks in between! Skipping meals may feel like a great way to loose weight, or hey, maybe you just aren’t hungry come lunch time, but missing a meal (particularly breakfast!) will mess up your metabolism’s cycle and cause your body to go into starvation mode. This means next time you do eat your body will store unhealthy fats and toxins to prepare for the next fast.

Similarly, grazing all day instead of eating good solid meals will tempt you to eat too much and drive you towards unhealthy foods. When you are hungry and starting to feel your energy levels drop you will crave sugar to provide a quick fix. You are much better off eating slow burning energy foods at lunch than reaching for a mars bar on the way home!

Cheat with LITTLE treats! 

Depriving yourself of all the food you love all the time is a sure fire way to end up walking out of a grocery store with bags full of junk. If you don’t treat yourself with the less-healthy foods that you love occasionally and in moderation it will be a lot harder to stick to a healthy eating plan!

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The Experts:

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