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Hints on preparing a résumé

Writing a résumé is an inevitable part of life. It can be stressful and, because you want it to be perfect. time consuming. These tips should simplify the process and  help you avoid common mistakes.

Do the hiring managers work for them.
Employers don’t read every résumé they get from top to bottom. Instead they often scan over résumés as they get them and decide if it is worth a more detailed reading.
Show then the bits of information they want quickly with a clear format, headings, and dot points to highlight key skills and achievements!

Find good examples and base your own resume on them.
A good place to start with formatting is to search résumé templates online and then copy the format of one you like. Don’t try to be too creative with your résumé, quite often a polished and clean look will make it to the top of the pile!

Make your resume 1 page.
Many employers prefer single page résumés. Not only does it help them scan the resume, it also means that they don’t have to worry about the second page getting separated from the first.

Make sure there is something listed under experience.
Even if this is your first job it is important to show that you have had some experience before. Things like helping at a school Mothers day stall, or mowing your neighbours lawn can be included as experience.

Consider every skill that you have.
While being able to use a computer with ease may not seem like a big deal to you, it might be very important to your employer. Similarly, if you are particularly good at maths, or proof reading your assignments, you may want to list this on your résumé.

Include key sections.
If you are unsure what sectiond your résumé should have a safe bet is to include:
Personal details – (include email, phone, full name, and availability)
Education and training

Find more info here:

For more information check out the Australian Governments guide to writing a résumé and cover letter. Click here. Seek.com.au also provide a great guide. Click here.

Check out these templates to help get you started.
Example Résumé
Example Cover Letter

These handy Résumé Writing Tips can also help you out.


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